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Checking Fixtures

Checking Fixtures are related to standard jigs and fixtures and are most commonly found in automated manufacturing processes. These fixtures can make your manufacturing operation much more efficient speeding up the process and making the system more precise. This reduces costs because there is less waste material and the system can also operate with minimum human intervention, meaning less human error.

The team at WAG Engineering is highly experienced in designing and building jigs and fixtures for manufacturing purposes. We can design your tooling using our expert knowledge of the field and then make your tools to a high standard. We pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions that will fit the needs of your manufacturing operation.

Checking Fixtures are available when you come to WAG Engineering. Our other services include the manufacturing of special tooling, welding jigs and CNC machines. For further information about our products and services, please take a look around our website. You can contact us using the details on our homepage and we will be happy to help you with your enquiry. WAG Engineering is based in West Bromwich in the West Midlands, UK.

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